The Belarusian partners of the “University Teaching and Learning Enhancement” (UniTeLe) project and the project coordinator from Sweden took part in the working conference in Minsk 22-23 April 2021.
The participants of the meeting presented modules of the new “In-service University Teacher Training Programme” done in the framework of the UniTeLe project elaborated with the best EU practices .

The start of the programme is planned at the beginning of the academic year 2021-2022 in 6 Belarusian Universities; the programmer will include 6 modules such as: “Psychology of interactive education”, ‘’Quality as culture”, “Innovative education methods”, “Curriculum development for increasing employability”, “Team building & peer learning”.

During the meeting, various options for interaction between partner universities were discussed especially dissemination . Project partners expect that the achievements of colleagues from European and Belarusian universities will help improve approaches to assessing the quality of the educational process at university.




On April 16, 2021, within the framework of the international project UniTeLe, an educational seminar was held online, organized by Linneus University (Sweden). During the event, the participants discussed the development of the curriculum. European colleagues shared their experience in the field of program development (taxonomy, structure of course plans, curriculum design). In addition, the participants completed a practical task, the results of which will be presented at a working meeting in May in Minsk.
The meeting materials are available here/by this link


On March 9-12, 2021, within the framework of the international project UniTeLe, another online educational seminar was held, organized by the University of Genoa. During the event, the participants discussed the issues of leadership, social responsibility and creating a friendly environment.
Results of the event:
Ability to individualize different leadership styles;
Ability to define leadership qualities;
Possibility of developing the leadership qualities of students through the organization of special training;
Ability to develop leadership qualities and increase social responsibility;
Learning how to create a friendly environment.


Polotsk State University became the venue for a working meeting of the participants of the project.
The meeting of the project consortium took place at Polotsk State University.
For 2 days the representatives of 6 Belarusian partner universities discussed the prospects for developing a training program for the teaching staff, which will include the following modules: "Quality as culture", "Innovative teaching methods", "Team building and peer learning", "Leadership and social responsibility”, “Psychology of interactive learning”, “Curriculum development and course design”. 
The developers focused on the issues of module design, goals and learning outcomes. It is expected that as a result of mastering the program, teachers of Belarusian universities will gain experience in organizing an effective educational process based on innovative teaching methods, get the understanding of ​​how to assess the educational activities of students, be able to take part in internal quality control, learn to develop curricula for disciplines in accordance with the requirements of the modern labour market.

On the second day of the working meeting, the team of the National Erasmus + Office in the Republic of Belarus conducted a preliminary monitoring of the UniTeLe project. During the joint discussion, the conditions were determined, under which it is possible to successfully implement the project as scheduled.



Within the international project of the European Union Program ERASMUS + CBHE UniTeLE (University Teaching and Learning Enhancement) its results are being disseminated throughout the preparation and posting of publications in print and electronic editions, as well as various kinds of media coverage.

The results of the dissemination of activities of UniTele program participants are reflected in the publication of Y. Kolesnik and Fatma Sacli Uzunoz "Analysis of the best practices of universities in the European Space for the development of educational activities of Belarusian universities" in the materials of the VI International Scientific and Methodological Conference "Problems of Modern Education in a Technical University" October 24-25, 2019 as well as the publication of Y. Kolesnik, V. Kleiman and V. Vasicheva "Directions for improving the quality of education in Belarusian universities (sociological analysis)" in Geopolitical, Social Security and Freedom Journal, Volume 3 Issue 1, 2020.