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The interuniversity portal "Methodology, content, practice of creative education" is an open platform for dialogue. Here university teachers can publish their articles, discuss posted materials, ask questions to the scientific editor.


The FOSTERC project aims to strengthen the use of innovative teaching and learning principles and approaches in higher education institutions to improve graduate learning outcomes based on competencies.


The PRINTeL project aims to improve the educational performance of students in accordance with the goals of the European strategy 2020 by promoting the development of innovations in teaching and learning, supporting the integration of technology and research, and disseminating best practices.


The University of Educational Innovations is an electronic scientific and methodological journal founded in 2016 at the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, its goal is to assist in the formation and improvement of a modern teacher who knows innovative educational technologies, who is able to organize the educational process in accordance with the development trends of the information society and individual needs of students.