WP.1. Particularisation of Intervention Areas

Under Activity A.1.1. "SWOT analysis of QA at each BY partner" UniTele partners have formed Work Groups which included 10 managers and 15 teaching staff members, i.e. 25 persons. 

P8 (GSTU) has developed a survey methodology, based on which P6 (BSU) has created Google survey tool.

The methodology comprised of 27 basic questions, 4 individual questions. The link to Google survey questionnaire has been distributed by each Partner among their staff and students. As a result, more than 350 responses have been received and proceeded by the P8 (GSTU) experts. Responses served as a basis for conducting the SWOT analysis and the respective report.

Based on the data collected during the survey partners have carried out Activity A.1.2. "Definition of areas of concern & project intervention". Indeed, the survey revealed weakness and threats which have to be tackled by the UniTele project, for instance teaching staff have low motivation, individual work seems to undeveloped, lack of social and personal competencies for both teachers and students, updating of existing laboratories and equipment is needed, etc.

As a result of this work the D.1.1. Recommendations of enhancing the Quality of education have been developed. The Recommendations have been discussed by partners during the Seminar in Heidelberg (20 Sept. 2019) after which Recommendations have become available for public review.

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