WP.8. Dissemination of the results

Within the Work Package 8 “Dissemination” P6 (BSU) presented the Strategy of communication and project results dissemination where the main information concerning project results dissemination is compiled.

The structure and the main colors of the web-site have been defined. Presentation, news block and project report layouts have been prepared as well as posters and brochures.

D.8.1.-8.9 Dissemination of Project Results and Communication Strategy (download)

D.8.5. Information & Promotion Materials:

  • UniTele Leaflet (download) – contains general information about the project, its goals and prospective results as well as contact information (links to the project web-site and Facebook page).
  • UniTele Poster-1 (download)
  • UniTele Poster-2 (download)

Posters are based on a mind map.


Media coverage: